Greta Thunberg Is BACK And Her Latest Argument For Climate Change Will Make You BURST Out Laughing!

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Cristina Laila from The Gateway Pundit reports, Greta Thunberg is still in the US. 16-year-old Swedish green activist Greta Thunberg lectured people in North Carolina on Friday about the climate change hoax and griped about world leaders ignoring teenagers and children who participate in climate change protests.

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59 thoughts on “Greta Thunberg Is BACK And Her Latest Argument For Climate Change Will Make You BURST Out Laughing!

    1. This 16 year old child seems to think her childhood is destroyed but not by climate change but by her parents & the climate changers who have exploited her. I understand she is aspperger syndrome which is a form of autism if I understand correctly. Her parents wanted her to win the Nobel Peace prize but it went to someone who ended a civil war in Africa so was it really about climate control or money

      1. Take a look at what her hero Arnold Schwarsnenegger rolled over her with his huge army atrocity after their “Ride in the park” on their bikes! What a show of support from Good Ol Arnie!
        There is no “True Green” in any of these New Green ideals/libs/socialists.

    2. How about calling her Greta “Thorn-berg” since she’s become a “Thorn” in the side towards all of those on this Earth who still have some intellect left about the biggest Hoax upon Mankind that she’s perpetrating? 😛

    3. I was going to ask why she did not take this “warning” to to the other great polluters in the world (India/China/N.Korea/Iran/Russia)…. But I was beaten to the point by Barry….. Then I realised that complaints in those countries would not raise any supporters for her sponsors…. The Dimo’s…

  1. And in 12, no 11 years, when the world has not changed, they will claim that it was because of these kids and others were able to persuade enough people to follow their “plan”.

  2. Left and the climate whackos always use,special needs,parasites, and physically handicapped as tools to forward their GENOCIDAL agenda. They don’t have the blacks as their whipping boys anymore. They found out left riding on their backs for power and profit.

      1. Shame on everyone using this child and setting her up for criticism and failure. Including Arnold. I have a grandson with autism spectrum, i know how they don’t really have a normal reasoning pathway, they also get hyper focused and have extreme anxiety about those issues that they focus on. Her parents should be charged with endangerment and abuse. You are deliberately putting this child in a place that is harmful to her and her mental faculties. Shame on you!

        1. I agree with you. Her parents should be charged with child abuse/neglect, or at the very least endangering the welfare of a minor for forcing their child to believe their rhetoric to gain publicity and financial gain. Another question I have is this: regardless of where your child falls on the Autism spectrum, what kind of parent allows their child with this type of disorder just sail across the world alone? Were they hoping she would meet with disaster so that they would benefit further and claim her death was due to climate change and her beliefs?

      1. Dumpster,you are confusing autism with retardation. Goober Gore has the reasoning ability of a 6 year old,and will never get better.

  3. Out of ignorance , our youth are being misled. I bet Greta and all her school mates drink out of plastic cups, use straws, play on their computers and cellphones as they are being spoiled rotten by parents who drive in SUVs , have heating and air in their homes, etc! Their focus is all screwed up

    1. You know CCi is a HOAX!! Everybody wants to blame everybody else about ruining our kids. EACH PARENT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN KID!! What goes on in schools, indoctrinating BS into their heads, we blame the school. PARENTS.. Speak up!! Take them out of public school and home school. As long as all WE DO IS COMPLAIN NOTHING WILL BE DONE!! THIS CALLS FOR ACTION IN ALL SCHOOLS TO ALL PARENTS TO ALL PEOPLE! WE NEED TO START TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR THIS BS!

  4. Greta should talk to GOD and MOTHER NATURE. The liberals have screwed up this poor kids mind since they have no GOD or believe in MOTHER NATURE.

  5. this whole thing is crazy the last news I heard was the global warming was melting the antarctic to the point that it was going to cause another Iceage I reckon it will be like the old movie Day After Tomorrow beats me

  6. What I find hilarious is that pollution has been going on for years and now all of a sudden we have people like Greta trying to undo it that’s like trying to put on a bandaid on an open gash that’s bleeding profusely instead of going in to get stitches!

  7. Maybe she should go home – and play with wooden blocks – wouldn’t trust her with
    a real live pet ! Poor child – had her already troubled young mind totally screwed
    up by whomever brainwashed her re ‘climate’ Climate is here – will stay here – and
    will change from time to time = as we find out during most seasons – and will NOT
    be screwed with by the hair brained people who messed her head up.

  8. She is just a snot nosed kid not having been on this earth longe enough to fully analyze our climate o5 it’s changes year to year firs up then down but no long term changes. In my 85 years I’ve not seen it changed long term one way or the other. I was born in a western Kansas Dust Storm in 34 and that loss was the biggest change I’ve actually been involved in and it was for the Best

  9. This young lady is being used by her parents and other liberals! They will stop at nothing to get their twisted agenda! I’m sure they live like all of us driving, flying and everything else! The Democrats er crazy, thank God we have President Trump!!!!❤️🇺🇸

  10. I am 67 yrs old when I was a kid back in the late sixties climate change was being touted “You only have twelve more years” well guess what Greta they lied then and they are lying now. I’m not denying the fact climate change exists but it has for millions of years before we were here and it will exist long after we are gone. So if you are that concerned go to China and India tell them to clean up their act.

  11. The only climate change going on is mother nature taking her course….every 100 years or so we have a change in the climate, this is nothing new and will continue on for the next 100 years or for however long the planet is here….so these climate change morons need to study more history and science to be able to have their brains working properly…..

    1. Sue: History is a no, no if you learn about the past ,you just might be able to marginally predict the future. And see through all the BS spouted by the gullible indoctrinated of the population.

  12. Why is Gretta Putin still here, I thought she was spotted hitch.hiking on a peir, well she won’t die alone, you’ll burn up like a cheap pack of maches, your childhood won’t mean much then and you’ll never know what hit ya …

  13. Greta Thunberg is HILARIOUS! . . . Almost as funny as MINI AOC. Except, Mini AOC is MUCH smarter than Greta, because Greta actually believes this “make believe” HOAX of “climate change crisis”! And, Mini AOC is only HALF the age of Greta, but with AT LEAST double (if not MUCH MORE!) smarts. Mini AOC knows better. I’ll listen to her. she makes more sense since she’s telling the TRUTH. “climate change” is a natural phenomenon, “climate change crisis” is a manufactured HOAX and a LIE. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  14. Her numb nuts parents should have kept her in school. She certainly doesn’t know anything! She might even be one of Hillary’s & Bill’s sex traffic kids! Making money for the Foundation! Maybe she can catch a ride back home on a whale!

  15. Many people believe that the climate change hoax is manufactured by the “ one world government” supporters. If people want to know about climate change they should read the book of Revelation in the Bible, that will be some real climate change.

  16. Hanoi Jane is getting arrested every Friday in Washington, DC, to show her support for this 16 year old’s scientific knowledge of Climate Change, because Greta has spent so much of her life, doing educational research to back up her claims, so she must be right!

    As we all know, when a person is 16, they already know everything, so don’t even try to dispute anything they say!

  17. Ok the majority of people disagree with that Troll… But soon it will be winter and she will go back to hide under her bridge…. Now you may disagree with her comments (I sure has H2#l do) but their is no need to resort to infantile expressions of immoral act’s because she has a different point of view to you….. Vent your spleen on the true responsible parties….. Nasty Nancy and the Dimmocrats…… rather than this misguided Troll….

  18. She is beyond ridiculous! I think she is about as stupid as AOC. Her parents need to keep her at home. However , they might be behind this for
    Getting her in the news.

  19. if she was sincere she would be planting trees and cleaning up. what about the 25 people who are trying to make this a better place nobody says anything about them. does she and her friends read any technical magazine?who is supporting her? if she is so smart help those who are working to make this a better world insteat of running her mouth. what about china is polluting what is miss know it going todo? there are 3 weather making machines that are supposed to make it rain in the desert who knows what that are doing to the atmiso phere you cannot get to them. any contribution shewant to save the bay would be appreciated even her time or is she just a mouth runner

  20. Did you hear who Time Magazine made person of the year? Its Greta Thunberg. I did have a suspicion that would happen. I saw that Dana Perino predicted a while back this would happen. I think it’s great!

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