Impeachment Isn’t Polling Well In Key 2020 States: Report

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Fox News Business YouTube Channel. Click the play button to watch it now.

Republican strategist Ford O’Connell talks to FOX Business’ Elizabeth MacDonald about how he thinks swing state voters don’t care about the impeachment inquiry and how Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s Medicare-for-all could kill capitalism.

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78 thoughts on “Impeachment Isn’t Polling Well In Key 2020 States: Report

  1. ANYONE with half a brain can see what the disgruntled CORRUPT DEMOCOMMUNISTS have been up to since their “chosen queen” crooked hitlery got the BOOT from WE the People, that didn’t want another corrupt DEMOCOMMUNIST infesting OUR Oval Office (like the last “occupant” that did his best to turn this country into a third-world COMMUNIST-RUN third-world crap-hole.)
    ANYONE that would even consider voting DEMOCOMMUNIST are anti-America, Anti-freedom, pro-communism, and should consider finding another country to live in that would be more “suited” to their “agenda” (Venezuela, China, or Cuba perhaps?)

    1. I totally agree with all you said, Cliff. We the people are extremely tired of the attempted coup against a duly elected President and consequently we will re-elect Trump again in 2020.

    2. You are 100% right.
      Nothing is for FREE, ONLY THE AIR WE BREED.
      The proud American People believe in “Peace, Liberty, Freedom, Prosperity, Our American Flag, Capitalism, Nationalism, Patriotism, Our Constitution, the Laws of the Land and the Safety of All, which we will lose forever, if any of these Criminal Corrupt, Compulsive Liar, Far Left Radical, Progressive Socialist Communist, candidates, GOD FORBID was elected. God have mercy on America and the American People.

      Almighty God sent us Historic President Donald J. Trump, the most Honest, Loyal, Transparent, Truthful and the Greatest President in history, in my lifetime…and God will make sure he WINS AGAIN IN 2020.

          1. I have, but I always reread my copy before I post it. Most typos are a result of spell check and we only miss them if we’re in too much of a hurry. Even the writers of the main articles make similar errors. Since there are no third party editors anymore, we should all read and reread what we’ve written to make sure it’s correct, then hit the post comment button. By the way, I even keep an instant spelling dictionary on my desk. They only cost a few dollars and are easy to use. It’s border, not boarder and lose, not loose, for instances.

      1. Believing in God is not exactly a christian requirement, There are a lot of religions that believe in God. Most in this country (US) believe that Jesus Christ was sent here to save us from our sins. Christianity has a really long history, but not as long as faith in God. Muslims have worship the same God that Christians do. Radical Muslims have distorted Gods word, much as the Catholic church in the past has. An example of this is the patronizing of the saints. The Bible states that man is to die once and then the judgement and the only one to be resurrected was Jesus. Buy that logic, everyone else is still in the grave, so you would be praying to those who really can’t help you. We are required by God to seek the lord. Don’t count on religion to find the answers to life. That’s not to say that all religion is wrong. I’m only asking you to search these things out for yourself. Read the book, I suggest you start with the book of John. My God knows who I am and he has made me aware of me. I can’t argue with God, what he says about me is true. The question is, are you willing to look at yourself as God sees you? I’m not perfect, I ask the Lord daily to forgive me for some of the things I think and say but I thank God for that, Why? Because if I don’t have anything to be forgiven then that makes me perfect! Witch isn’t true! I’m a sinner, I already know that about me. Thank God!!!!

    3. I agree with you, 100% , Cliff. I find it hard to see how anyone with one eye & 1/2 a brain could possibly vote for a democrat. If you agree with their agenda, you need to look another country, as Cliff has suggested. We don’t want you here. Leave now!!!!!!!!!

    4. What a carp-out =- you have to blame the Democrat for everything! The PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING! The Democrats
      want peace which is not evident in Washington . They havemore problems than the Soap Operas, and the Soaps have more problems than we do. GO DEMOCRATS – WE ARE THE BEST! VOTE ELIZABETH WARREN !!! We need a
      female President – there’s just too much testoreone flying around – too much fighting.

    5. The Criminal Corrupt, Compulsive Liar, Racist, Radical, DemoRATS have one agenda, bring down America and turn it into a COMMUNIST COUNTRY, where they will have complete Control of the Government and every human life. The Taxpayers will get POOR & POOR, while these Dictator DemoRAT/Leaders get RICHER AND RICHER. These Evil DemoRATS MUST BE VOTED OUT OF CONGRESS.

      We the Americans people, know that we will re-elect in 2020, our Historic President Donald J. Trump, the most HONEST, TRANSPARENT, TRUTHFUL AND THE GREAT PRESIDENT IN OUR LIFE TIME, SO AMERICANS CAN CONTINUE TO HAVE:


      1. I wish we that are called by Jesus Christ name would wake up and see what the left stand for, and it is not God. We as Christians are to stand for righteousness, how can anyone claiming Christ as their Savior can possible vote for all the left stand for. There is nothing that the left stand for represent our God. Hot and Cold, Sweet and Bitter can not come out of the same faucet, or mouth. I ask of all those that say they are Christians, pray, seek God face and see how they are representing God. The left is not of God. Read the Tenth Commandment. They are out to bring everything of God down, how can we vote against the Church, they want to tax the Church, murder babies, socialism, rob the poor, come against the commandments, change the whole world. this is not of God. Either we are for God, or we are against God. Present Donald Trump might not be perfect, neither are we, but he is the closest to righteousness than anyone of the others. Please Saints, don’t help destroy our Nation. Just know that God placed President Trump in this Office, because we were headed for a great down fall. God spared us, so take this opportunity to get it right this time, for all of you that voted for the left in 2016, repent, and seek righteous this time around.

    1. You libturds have 1 year to continue to conduct your treachery in attempt to unseat an elected potus. Bloomberg will be viewed as the demonorat clone of trump but trump is the only one whom has the best interest of his beloved country and its citizens as his objective – no a condescending elitist like bloomberg. The upcoming treachery will be attempt by the swamp and globalists to dash the economy to attempt to make trump look bad. With all the jobs created and a Chinese trade deal looking more probable, I wish the swamp and globalist luck attempting to screw the economy. Between 5G, the infrastructure bill and a deal with china, the DOW is going to 35,000 and the swamp is going to prison or swing from the nearest tree- better renounce your citizenship and leave like you said you would before you become used to wearing ankle shackles or becoming a pinata.

      1. I actually hope that Bloomberg gets into the race. I will show that the Democratic party leadership AGAIN does NOT respect or care for how the voters feel. It is to them all about power. AGAIN the Bernie supporters will get SLAPPED in the face by the DEM ultra-elitist when they do bring in Bloomberg and make a very big deal about him entering the race. The idiot Buttadig will be OUT along with all the rest including Warren. All of their supporters will be pretty well P. O’ed and I could completely understand their points of view. As you remember Bernie got the shaft from HRC in the last election, when Bloomberg enters it will be the same all over again. The Dem leadership runs on “Do as we say and NOT as we do – its none of your business what we do” WATCH them.

          1. I have quit calling them democrats, I was a democrat, when I was a young man. It was not a bunch of radical,communists, globalists, marxist like now. They have completely derailed their train now. I refer to them as dummycrats now. I will NEVER vote for another dummycrat as long as I live & breath. They left me, I didn’t leave them. I heard Bloomberg had entered the race. I would come as near voting for hilarious hiliary as I would him. The dummycrats are desperate.

    2. You need to take your meds so you can come out of your make believe world. John F Kennedy must be turning over in his grave at the perversion of the Demoncrat party. Check with your grandparents as to how they believe in work ethics and honesty and transparency. Certainly not devil worship.

        1. Yeah!!!!!! Please do, go any place besides the polling booth. Take a look at Cuba, China, Venezuela, & NK. Is that what you want to turn our beloved USA into? Look up Harry Truman & Winston Churchill, & see how they felt about socialism, marxism, & communism.

    3. You need more than that MAGGOT, you need a water boarding exercise and hung out to dry from a RIP cord. Slime like you deserve a kick out of the COUNTRY I fought for and will continue to fight for. TRUMP 2020

      1. VOTE ELIZABETH WARREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The references above are total propaganda. The President has already said he is guilty. Watch when the public begins to hear the facts spoken by true professionals. At any rate, the President can’t seem to stop his impulsive lying and self- destructive behavior. Now that he has to pay two million dollars for abusing his authority he will have a very difficult time coughing up his money unable not to feel like a loser.

    1. Trump is a billionaire and a few million doesn’t scare him. Did you read the words about the phone call? Trump offered nothing for help in fighting corruption. That is what presidents do. They would be lax if they didn’t point out corruption involving criminal Americans.

      1. After all the millions of dollars and hours of investigation into Russian collusion in 2016, why is it that a simple inquiry into Ukraine collusion is so terrible. It isn’t, in fact the Constitution requires this by a President. There was no “quid pro quo”, only an inquiry for cooperation in doing his due diligence. This is yet another tactic to cover their own “sins” and conduct a coupe. Disgusting!!

    2. I don’t know where you get your propaganda from but who are these so called professionals you are referring to? What is their political pinpoint of view? Educate me, when did our duly elected president pay a 2-million dollar fine? I need to know so that I can make an educated decision on who to vote for in 2020.

  3. If this is call “Democracy” America is not a democrat country. I don’t understand: is blamed Trump who worked hard to pull out America from the misfortune that the Obama administration had last and the citizen Biden, proved guilty for blackmail and croup is like a
    white lill. Can somebody explain me why Pelosi goes forward with this stupid impeachment, wirgout anything bad regarding Trump was proved? What is the law which governes the Camera and how Pelosi and her “partners” do whatever they like? And nobody can stops this Satan to hurt America, the President and Republican Party. Please, help me understand.

      1. Cheryl, are you some uninformed, young, college kid who has been brain-washed by some marxist,globalist,socialist, communist, professor, who thinks he is an all-knowing guru, who knows what is going on in DC? If you think E. Warren is what this country needs in Wash., then I don’t know if you can be helped or not. I would suggest you listen to Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh for one week [ with an open mind } I do believe they might could get through to you. You do need help, now. Please get help pronto!!!!!!!!!!

  4. It is becoming more obvious every day. Our president is draining the swamp, and the creatures in the swamp don’t much care for it! The clownish behavior of Pelosi and Schiff is obvious to everyone! The Democrats know that the only chance they have of removing Trump is through impeachment. They know they can’t beat him in a fair election. Hell, they couldn’t even beat him in an unfair election in 2016!

    1. Those who did not serve this country in the military are the ones against Trump. They don’t realize hat it takes to run a country and Trump is doing a great job.

  5. The crying, lying Demorats will sob even more when the greatest president we ever had is re-elected by a bigger margin in 2020. The American people know that the behavior of the demorats makes it imperative that we go to the polls in record numbers to save American from the money and power hungry
    liberals. The demorats that could end the circus in D C are afraid of Pelosi and lying pencil neck .
    Wake up America and save the greatest nation on earth. 2 Chronicles 7:14 is the answer.

    1. WHAT IS ALL THIS IGNORANCE AND HATE FROM THE REPUBLICANS? It IS SICKENING!!!!! This is a big problem – our government is disfunctional.

      1. Read the stats, Cheryl. Our economy is well, ppl. are working again, the military has been rebuilt, illegals are being stopped from draining our social programs. What is it you don’t like about this man? Yes he may not be very couth with his english, but he is getting the job done. The dummycrats don’t like him invading on their turf. That is why they hate him so. they have lied & done everything they can think of to get him gone, but he’s still there, & if I can have any say with it, you will get 5 more yrs. of him, just like we had 8 yrs. of obama. He did nothing, you hear me, nothing for the American ppl. Run around the world bowing & apologizing for America. He was the sorriest pres. we have ever had, Trump is the best.

  6. I believe I’ve figured-out the Socialist/Democrats reason for making Mr. Trump miserable. After one investigation after another. Constant bombardment of negative commentary by the American “Fake News” Mainstream News.

    Why? Because President Trump has a vast amount of “Real World Experience!” He is a very successful builder and property manager. He knows the mechanics of the science of Economics. The most important thing he has learned. He knows risk and disasters due to being in the construction industry.


    Mr. Trump and his Attorney General are uncovering unbelievable amounts of corruption. That’s why the Socialist/Democrats are “Running Scared!”

  7. No the impeachment isn’t polling well anywhere but in the democratic leaders. That’s because nobody believes their is cause for impeachment unless their heads are buried in the sand or they’re brain dead.

  8. How well impeachment polls is less important than whether the impeachment process uncovers the truth. The founders didn’t include impeachment in the Constitution so that those who use it can gain a polling advantage. They included it as a way of making sure that our leaders do their jobs.

    I am certain that many Dems realized from the start that investigating President Trump could have negative consequences politically, but clearly many of them still think it’s the right thing to do–just as Republicans felt when they impeached Bill Clinton.

    There are values higher than getting elected.

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